Let us find your best employees. While you run your business.
Recruiting computer technical talent is an intensive time-consuming process.

Few human resource departments are skilled and experienced in the technical computer arts.

To properly find and evaluate potential employees, you take your best technical personnel out of their productive jobs. They spend countless hours and days making job postings, looking for applicants, and interviewing people – many of whom are unqualified for the position. And they lose potential employees when they cannot put in enough time or respond quickly enough.

Let us be your recruiter for computer technical talent. We will take your job requirements, work with you to understand exactly what you are looking for, and provide you with quality applicants that meet these requirements.

We can do this because we have an extensive technical background in systems and software development. And we have many years’ experience in recruiting for systems and software development.

There is no charge for this service until you hire an applicant.
How It Works
Send Us Your Position Info
We Find Qualified Applicants
You Interview and Hire

You start the process by sending us the information on the position you wish to fill – job description, requirements, and anything else you think important to finding the right employee. We will talk to you to get a better understanding of your requirements.

We then search and find qualified applicants – and only qualified applicants. While you run your business. We can do this because of our technical computer background and recruiting experience. Your applicant search will be targeted and efficient. We only get paid if you are hire an applicant, so we will not waste your time with people whose talent doesn’t match the job.

You take it from here. You evaluate the qualified applicants, schedule and perform interviews, and take the decision whether to offer them the job.

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