What geographical area do you cover?
We cover the entire United States.
Which job positions do you recruit?
Anything software related, including Software Developer, Test Engineer, Security Engineer/Analyst, System Administrator, and so forth.
Who pays for your service?
The service is paid for entirely by the employer only after a person is hired, at a previously agreed rate. The employer will not pass any of this fee on to the hired employee.
Do you provide staffing, contractor, or temporary hire services?
No. We are a recruiting company, not a staffing service. We provide recruiting services for Employers who wish to hire their own employees, we do not provide employees who work for us. This allows us to concentrate entirely on the recruiting process. We only recruit for full-time positions, not contract or temporary positions.
Where are you located?
We are located in the Detroit Metropolitan area. As noted above, we cover the entire United States.